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Are you expecting a new baby into your home?

Consider emailing Johnson and Johnson and request a free sample. Include your mailing address in the comment section,

You may get a Free Product coupon to redeem a free trial gift.

Redeem at Walmart and any other store that carries these packages as pictured above.

Request your Free Sample

( When filling out your “NEW” profile, there will be a question in the household section asking if you or someone in your household expects a child.  –  Those of you that are “expecting will receive a free sample pack coupon in the mail”)

Value of  Johnson and Johnson baby Samples:

The Value of this Free Baby Package is $5.49 at Wal-Mart.

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    About Johnson and Johnson

    The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Canada has 6 individual companies representing the market.

    In 1889, the Gilmour Brothers began distributing the products and Canadian operations.

    In 1919 Montreal became the first hub for Johnson & Johnson outside of the USA and then took on Johnson & Johnson Inc.

    Today, the headquarters is in Markham, Ontario.

    Johnson & Johnson Products Inc. remains a manufacturing site and facility in Montreal. They manufacture products such as Stayfree, Carefree and O.b tampons.

    The manufacturing site for McNeil Consumer Healthcare is in Guelph, Ontario, and the location started back in 1974 as manufacturing the baby products. In 1980 they began doing the Tylenol brand products.

    Johnson & Johnson Baby Line