Jones Canada Free Gear With Bottle Caps

Jones swag - earn free Hoodies and more with bottle caps


New Free Jones Soda Gear

Simply Collect Capes from any Jones Soda Bottles

Here’s What you can Get For FREE !

  • 10 bottle caps – Sunglasses
  • 15 Bottle Caps Pop Socket
  • 20 Bottle Caps – Beanie
  • 25 bottle Caps = T-shirt
  • 50 bottle Caps – Hoodie
  • 60 Bottle Caps – Era Hat
  • 75 bottle caps – Skateboard deck
  • 150 bottle Caps – Blue Tooth Speakers
  1. Print and fill out form
  2. Mail the caps
  3. Only 1 Prize can be redeemed per envelope
  4. Wait 4-6 Weeks for your free Gear.
  5. Suggested to send your caps with Tracking Number as Jones soda is not responsible for lost submissions.

Print out Free Jones Gear Form for Canada 


Custom Labels for Jones Drinks

Did you know you can get custom drink labels made for Jones pop! Great Idea for Weddings or any other function. they are a bit costly but cool idea especially with Jones fun colours of beverages and flavours to choose from.

Lots of Jones Soda Gear You can purchase:

If you don’t want to collect bottle caps – You can purchase several gift ideas with the Jones Brand on it. Great for Teens and preteens to have this brand of clothing.

Created in Vancouver, BC in 1995: This company continues to surprise us with different limited edition flavours to try out! And I know my kids when they were preteens loved this company for their sayings on the bottom of all bottle caps – kinda like a fortune cookie Lol.



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