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Korres Company

This brand of products was founded in 1996. It is a Greek form of skincare that focuses on homeopathic remedies and all-natural ingredients to ensure that you are getting highly effective skincare or haircare product without additives.

This company’s founder George Korres began his journey in Athens, Greece and is now known worldwide for its products.


There are a wide range of available products that include;

  • treatment
  • cleansers
  • moisturizers
  • body care
  • anti-ageing
  • and more.

Browse the many products on their webpage for more information on each available one.

Some items of note include;

  • Evening Primrose Eye cream
  • Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream
  • Pomegranate Cream Gel Moisturiser
  • Yogurt Instant Soothing Gel
  • Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum
  • Body Butter
  • Shower Gels

One thing that I found fascinating about Korres is the fact that they DO NOT use Mineral Oil. Instead, they have replaced this with natural vegetable oil. Safe, effective, and naturally derived.