Kraft Teddy Bears Promotion



Kraft Bear hugs Promotion

Unfortunately, you can not buy bears ( since back in 2014 ) I know it sucks Right! You practically need to wait for another Kraft Bear Contest in order to get your hands on one!

But right now you can donate to SickKids and give a Kraftbear hug using a hashtag and using social media

Here’s how you can give a bear hug:

  1. Use the hashtag:#KraftBearHugs on Twitter
  2. Tag a loved one
  3. And Kraft will give $1.00 per Hug
  4. or you can also do your own donation to sickkids

Click Here for full details 


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  1. I just saw these in a commercial last week for the first time. My Grandson lives 3000 miles away. I hope they sell them again. Would love to send and get hugs through these awesome bears. Please bring them back!

  2. If these are still available I would love 2 sets. Please someone out there tell me how to find them

  3. How may I order a set of hug bears (kraft) bears are they still available in Canada tell me how do I order a set, Thank you

  4. I would love to have a set of these bears
    Please let us all know when or even if we will be able to get them

  5. I would like to purchase these and am still watching the ads on tv. May 2018. They seem to be for camp. So it must still be available. Please let me know. I have 3 grandchildren. I would love them to have this!!

  6. can someone at Kraft please let me know where I purchase these bears I would be truly appreciate it

  7. How do I order these, my son-in-law is going on a 6 month Military tour overseas. I was thinking of ordering a set of these to give to him and our daughter for while they are apart

  8. your site to purchase these bears is not functioning. I see that others are also running into this same problem. Do you have an answer for this?

  9. I would love to purchase these bears for my great grandchildren that me and my wife are now taking care of. Is there any where we can purchase them. On the website where to purchase them for $34.99 when you click on says web site not available.

  10. Are these bears available now to purchase. My grand daughter lives on the other side of canada.

  11. My daughter passed away in September 2012 after child birth . She left behind her 2 and a half year old daughter and a baby boy. We rarely get to see our Granddaughter, Megan and she misses her Mommy and us so much.. She tells me that she pretends that her Mommy gives her a hug at night and then she pretends that I am hugging her. This would be so wonderful ? for her to have a bear that showed her that she is loved. Is there any way that I can still purchase the Kraft bears. Please contact me and let me know. I have been trying to think of a way that I can reach out to her between visits. Her father has moved on and does not allow her to see her Mommy’s family except for once a month.

  12. My grand daughter has moved away 900 km away and I miss her, I would so much love to send her one of these bears connected to the other one I’d keep. It’s obvious there is a great demand for them, and we keep seeing them in your ads, so the interest isn’t going to dwindle. Please consider make a fresh new production so people can start getting again through your bears. Thank you!

  13. I just saw the ad on TV for the bears … where can they be purchased? They are a great idea for grandparents & grandchildren to share … Thanks!

  14. I have three grandchildren all girls and they live in Saskatchewan but I live in newfoundland so I don’t get to see them very often I would really like to get these bears to give to them from there grandma and grandpa from newfoundland. I will pay for them if I can get them just let me know thanks

  15. In past year had our first grandchild and we are looking for these Wifi hug bears as just seeing them on commercials now ! However the website is not available . Please make these available again as appears from the FB comments that folks are wanting them! Help!!!!!

  16. Would love to purchase the Kraft hugging bears but can’t find where to get them.

  17. My granddaughter is 3and she has the green bow bear my sister bought her she loves this bear.i think he is real to her .i would love to get her a pair of light up ones .

  18. I would love to get a set of the bears with WiFi. My granddaughter is three and has trouble sleeping. I would be great to send her a hug when she needs one!

  19. My grandkids moved away and we are missing them terribly. Would love to get these bears to keep us connected. They are only 6 & 2 and don’t understand why Nanny & Papa cant just come over like we used to do. I read they were for sale but no luck? I would love to purchase a set. It would be a special way to send our love to them and help them adjust to living so far away from us. I tried to order but was unable to connect?

  20. I bought a gift set at Christmas a few years ago for my son, it came with a small jar of smooth peanut butter and a bear with the green bow. He sleeps with it every night and it’s starting to wear on the nose a bit. I have tried since then to purchase and also enter contests to win the pair of hug bears for him, but no such luck. Please make them available to purchase, I know they will be in high demand

  21. It is April 2018 and I have just seen the teddy bears on a Kraft Ad. Where have they been all this time.Please make them available. I see dozens of comments from people asking for access to purchasing them.
    Can you help?

    Pat Howard

  22. I would love to buy a set of these Kraft Hug Teddy Bears. It may seem strange to others but my son Liam left Canada to marry a girl in the United States . I just miss him so much . I’d love to send him a hug every so often . Thank you Ali from London Ontario

  23. Kraft Teddy Bears Promotion Update

    Update on Kraft’s Teddy Bear Promotion!!
    So, if you would like to purchase more of these adorable bears for gifts this Holiday Season, it is now possible!!Purchase a set of two Kraft Teddy Bears by Gund in collectible packaging for just $34.99 plus tax.
    There is a limit of one order per household.
    Purchase Your Kraft Teddy Bears Here
    Free Shipping in Canada!!
    Offer valid in Canada only while supplies last.
    I tried to order and you can’t what is up about this? I would like yo buy a set please contact via email please

  24. Where can I buy the set of the kraft teddy bears?
    When and where will they be available to purchase?

  25. Please let me know if you are gonna sell those lite up bear hugs I need them for my Godson and grand daughter it would mean the world to them. Thank

  26. I would love to buy a set of the hug bears. My grand daughters live away from us and this way we could still give them hugs for bed. Please make these available to buy please.

  27. My little boy (2yrs) and i have to live apart right now while i am dealing with my divorce and custody and the bear hug bears would be amazing to help comfort him and let him know mommy is right here with him. You should make them available to purchase before another company takes the idea

  28. I would love to get a pair of the bear hug with light up ties for my first grandchild due in July. It would be awesome if you would sell these.

  29. The Hug Teddy bears are one of the best things I have ever seen! You should keep them going and make them available for sale all the time. I would definitely buy a set and know others who also would!


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