Looking for an easy way to save on your grocery bill? Kruger Products has you covered! For a limited time, spend money on Kruger products and get a $10 gift card. This offer is perfect for busy moms looking to stock up on their favourite paper products. Start shopping today!

 Spend $25 On Kruger Products And Get A $10 Gift Card

Kruger Canada is running a great promotion until December 17th! Get $10 worth of grocery Gift Cards when you purchase qualifying products.

How to Get a $10 Gift Card with Kruger Canada

  1. You will need to purchase $25 worth of participating products in a “(SINGLE Transaction). ” There’s a huge list of several UPCs to be able to purchase if you are unsure of what products qualify for the FREE $10 Mastercard gift card rebate.
  2. Upload your receipt online within 14 days of your receipt
  3. Wait for Confirmation by email
  4. Wait for Rewards 6-8 weeks later.

Kruger Brands

Brands on the Grocery Selves that may qualify within this promotion 

  • Cashmere bathroom tissue
  • Purex bathroom tissue
  • Sponge Towels Paper Towels
  • Scotties  Facial Tissue

Terms and Conditions of Kruger Rebate 

  • Be a Resident of Canada
  • 1 Rebate per household
  • Also, see the Terms & Conditions on Kruger’s website

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Offer starts on October 12, 2022, and ends on December 17, 2022