Grand Prize: $25,000 cash.

Instant Win 1 of 3 $5000 Cash Prizes and or Win 2500 Free Product Coupons

How to Enter with purchase

Purchase special Leclerc packaging of Celebration products while supplies last, and then go to to enter the code during the contest period.

  • Find the unique PIN code inside a CÉLÉBRATION® Lucky Box.
  • Validate your code.
  • See if you are an Instant Winner!

How to Enter Without Purchase

handwrite a text of at least 50 words explaining “why Célébration® products are the best,”  and send it to the mailing address specified in the Rules of the contest 


Contest Rules

  • Open to residents of Canada only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age 18+
  • Single Entry per code to a max of 5 per day

Issues with Entry:

If you experience technical problems, please contact the contest administrator at the
following email address:

Click Here to Enter ( )

Contest Ends August 15, 2021

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The Leclerc Brand

The Leclerc Brand has been around for over 109 years.

In the year 1905, a man named Francois Leclerc baked cookies in a backroom in the family home. He used a jelly cookie recipe that belonged to his wife.

Each morning his customers would enjoy freshly baked cookies handmade by him. Eventually, more and more people wanted these delicious cookies, and a business was born.

Leclerc Top Selling Cookies

The three top-selling cookies from this brand would have to be the Social Teas, Jelly Sponge, and Maple Leaf Cookies. They have been using the same recipe all these years. Simple ingredients that create a tasty homemade cookie.

What’s New At Leclerc, You Might Ask?

Molasses and Gingersnap cookies, of course!!

They have also introduced at new Brownie Max Line that includes three of these flavours;

Caramelized Apple, Chocolate Mango and Candied Lemon!

Why not try a Leclerc cookie today. Head to your nearest grocery store and pick up a box of two of your favourite flavours.