Lucerne Milk Coupon: Save $0.75 on Milk or Cream


New Lucerne Coupon for both Milk and Cream – Canada

Right now there is a new coupon out for Milk – It’s not every day we get these savings

  • Save $0.75 off any Lucerne milk or cream product

Coupon is available in both Print & Mailed format

Coupon Expiry Date is April of 2019

But while Quantities Last

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Canadians Not Happy With Walmart dropping Dairyland

When you bought Milk at your local Walmart in Canada – You got good ole Dairyland Milk – I saw lots of complaints in several Facebook groups about this –  Milk Snobs? No idea I know I purchased several Lucerne creams in the past with No complaints – but I guess it’s no different than any other competition of coffee brands or cola or whatever.

Who Owns Lucerne Milk?

Safeway ( Private Label) Who knew? Not I till I researched it!



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