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    Neilson milk chocolate

    Neilson’s chocolate milk is an excellent treat for all ages. Each glass of Neilson milk chocolate is made from fresh white 1% milk – and, of course, some secret chocolate sauce. Neilson’s White Milk and Chocolate milk have the same 15 nutrients. Available in 4L milk bags and various carton sizes.

    Neilson Lactose-Free Milk

    This lactose-free product has a smooth, creamy taste that everyone can enjoy. You can enjoy all your favourite dairy products without worrying about uncomfortable digestive issues. So go ahead and enjoy milk in your cereal or create a smoothie. The packaging is re-sealable and easy to store for later.

    Neilson Cottage Cheese

    The Cottage Cheese is a perfect combination of creamy texture, rich flavour, and wholesome nutrition. . Whether you use it in your lasagna or with fruit. Feel good about adding extra protein and calcium into your diet without the guilt.

    Jersey Chocolate Bar

    Neilson Dairy And Chocolates.

    This company began in 1893 and was owned and operated by William Neilson. William was the son of a Scottish immigrant who lived in Ontario.

    He was so sure that this business would be profitable that he invested every penny his family owned to buy seven cows and some second-hand ice cream makers. Many companies used milk, but his secret was using cream. Customers loved it and kept coming back for me.

    When ice cream sales would slow during the winter, Neilson thought of another way to generate income for his business and several workers. He decided to launch a chocolate line of products. They, too, were a massive hit with young and old alike.