New M&M Candy Mail-in Rebate!

New M&M and Cineplex Canada have joined forces again this year!

Get a FREE Movie Ticket When You Buy 5 Packs of Specially-Marked Candy!

To get this offer, upload a photo of the receipt(s) containing five packs of any of the following types of M&M candy packages :

  • M&M’S
  • Snickers Bites
  • Twix Bites
  • Skittles Original, Berry, or Tropical /Sour
  • Starburst pkgs

How to Do it

  1. Register
  2. Upload a photo of the above participating products
  3. Reach five qualifying product purchases
  4. You will then be emailed a promotional Cineplex code redeemable for a Single-use Movie Ticket.


  • Limit of 4 Free Movie Tickets ( codes ) per household.
  • Be age 13+
  • Must be purchased at a Canadian Retailer

Click here to get more information about this offer.


M&M rebate offer ends December 31, 2019 – You have until January 31, 2020, to redeem Cineplex Coupon

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M&M Products ( Candy)

  • M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S Almond Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S Dark Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S Peanut Dark Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S Pretzel Chocolate Candies
  • M&M’S MINIS Milk Chocolate Candies

History of M&M Candy

A man and his son, the founder of the Mars Company, invented the candy in the 1930s when they saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with a hard shell of chocolate outside. Mars received a patent for his process in 1941. Production began in New Jersey.

In the 1950’s they began imprinting the candies with a Black M  giving them a distinctive trademark – later, they changed it to white.

Their Slogan was “Melt in Your Mouth, not in your hand.”

In the 1960’s M&M added new colours to the mix.