Molson Canadian Contest – WIN a Molson Mini Fridge with Team Canada

Molson Canadian Mini Fridge Contest.

Molson Sponsored – From Team Canada Olympic Team (Host of contest)

Enter for a chance to WIN a Molson Mini Fridge.

The approximate value of each Prize is $300.00 CAD.

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Good Luck!


  • Open to residents of Canada only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Daily  Entry (Unlimited)

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This sweepstakes end on February 25, 2018

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Molson Canadian Cider

Molson Canadian Cider is made from 100% Canadian apples. Enjoy a delicious, refreshing cold Molson Canadian Cider today.

It seems many people love this beverage during the Summer months. However, I know a few people who enjoy the Molson Canadian Cider during the Fall and Winter months as well.

It is best served over ice, but you can drink it any way you like really.

Molson Canadian Beer Fridge

See above for a chance to win your very own Molson Canadian Beer Fridge valued at $300.

Have you seen the Molson Canadian Beer Fridge on your rounds?

Molson has been around for more than 50 years. In recent years sales have been declining. Molson Canadian needed a new way to grab the attention of the beer consumer.

So, last year they came up with a unique idea to introduce the interactive beer fridge.

It’s called the Global Beer Fridge. Molson brought Canadians from all walks of life together(was introduced around Canada Day as well).

The catch? or Promotion?

The only way to the Molson Canadian Beer Fridge to be opened was if six people say the phrase ” I Am Canadian” in six different languages.

This is so cool to watch by the way.


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  1. Would like to nominate my husband Bruce Gray in the Molson Canadian Contest. This past year he was diagnosed with cancer. Even though it was a terrifying experience he remained put the needs of others before himself. Served on the town council, volunteered for events and to help others. He remained positive and had faith that he would over come….and he has ! His last check up was good! He is looking forward, and thankful to all those that supported him through!

  2. I would like to nominee my brother Kurt & his wife Colleen, who inspire me with their dedication to their daughter Ellen, who has CP. Ellen was born with CP as she was a baby who should have been a c-section birth but wasn’t. She was stuck in the birth canal for more than 10 minutes without oxygen.
    But for the Grace of God, this hasn’t slowed them down concerning the activities Ellen partakes in.
    The family goes to their cottage each summer where Ellen & some friends have painted rocks along the roadside. She has a specially built bicycle that she rides. This past April Ellen, friends & her mom flew to Disneyworld to enjoy the rides & enjoy the sunshine. She will always be our special girl.


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