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What is Nature’s Variety You Might Ask?

This company is independently owned and operated. A small company found in the Midwest. Lincoln, Nebraska, to be exact. This brand believes that pet food is much better for your pet if made with all-natural ingredients. They have a holistic approach to pet food. There are many products available that will help keep your pet healthy and happy, from Instinct Raw Frozen Diets to Kibbles and Cans.

Have a pet food question?

Look for the frequently asked section page on their site. Here you will gain beneficial information. Answers to questions like; Should I cook the raw food? How do I handle raw food when feeding them to my cat or dog? What are the advantages of grain-free pet food? What is the rotation? And many more.

Healthy ingredients-What to look for in your dog or cat food

When it comes to your pet, you want the best food; therefore, you want it packed full of healthy ingredients. The choices of pet food on the market today can be a little overwhelming. That’s why the kind people from Nature’s Variety are there to help.

Things you should look for when choosing a pet food are Animal Protein: Look for the first ingredient in your pet food to read a meat name like Chicken, Duck, Fish. Some products will add the word “meal” at the end.

This indicates that it is dried and more concentrated. We don’t want that. Wholegrains, Fruits and Vegetables: Look for ingredients like broccoli, carrots, blueberries, etc. These contain antioxidants, and your pet needs this.

Also, look for the words “Complete” and “Balanced”: this means that the pet food contains a balance of vitamins and minerals.