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Cesar Coupon for Dog Treats.

  • NEW Save $2.00 when you Buy 2 packs of Pedigree® Dentastix®, Temptations®. Cesar Softies™ or Cesar Bakies™ treats (any size and variety)

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    Cesar Canada

    Devoted to small dogs and meeting their nutritional needs.

    If you are the owner of a small dog, be sure to check out Cesar online and find your breed. You can read about their breed’s personality characteristics.


    The two newest products that have been added to this brand of products include;

    1. Wet Cesar Bistro – these are perfect for those picky eaters. Bigger dogs tend to eat anything you put in front of them, but many smaller dogs are particular and will only eat certain things prepared correctly. To give you the peace of mind you are looking for these divas-like eaters, try Wet Cesar Bistro. Gourmet recipes include ingredients like beef, chicken, carrots, spinach, rice, and more. 
    2. Wet Entrees – made with real meat and poultry. Tender pieces that will melt in your dog’s mouth.
    3. Wet Slices – specially formulated for adult dogs. Slices of beef that come drenched in gravy.
    4. Double Delights Treats – for special times. Smaller dogs will fall in love with these treats. It comes in Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken, and Roast Turkey.