We know pets can get expensive, and saving money where we can in 2023 is critical.

There are some new Iams coupons for you to enjoy for coupons to save on your next Iams dog or cat food. Start Saving today.

Iams Coupons

  • Save $5.00 off any Bag of IAMs Dog Dry Food
  • Save $4.00 off any small bag of Iams dry cat food (1.36kg-1.59kg)
  • Save $4.00 off your first bag of Iams Proactive Health Healthy Enjoyment cat food (1.36kg-2.72kg)

Coupons are mailed out. Yay, for those that do not have a printer!

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    About & History of Iams Canada

    It all began in 1946 when Mr. Paul Iams started to create quality pet food.

    The staff works on improving the lives of furry pets: cats & dogs, and passion are shared. Many top executives own cats and dogs both.



    What’s your favourite Pet Food brand to buy?

    I know Iams had issues with Recalls once, but they have seemed to do ok in that department lately! I have used it in the past – but when it comes to dog food, I look to spice it up with different brands and different flavours – I’ve bought Iams, Beneful, Caesars, and Kibbles – but I don’t find my dog is particular about his food – just that he would rather eat Cat Food! Or his personal favourite – Human Food!