All dog and cat owners know the importance of taking their furry friends to the veterinarian for regular checkups. But sometimes, it can be tough to find the time or money to fit in a vet appointment.

That’s why Iams coupons have a new promotion for a  free vet checkup with any purchase of $40 or more on Iams pet food.

So whether your pet needs a routine checkup or you’re just looking for some new food options, now’s a great time to try Iams dog or cat food.

iams Vet promo

Iams Coupons for Vet Visit

surprising right! Iams is doing one heck of a great promotion right now, and They will cover your annual vet visit when you spend $40.00 on Iams pet food! It’s a bit of a process, as you will need to submit two receipts before getting reimbursed for your vet visit, and you will be out of pocket for a little bit.

  1. You will need to purchase $40.00 worth of Iams pet food before February 28 on a single receipt.
  2. Upload your receipt
  3. Submit your Vet Bill ( max $150 )
  4. Submit all your information for your Rebate ( Check or Paypal)

If you select Paypal – you will be paid for your vet bill up to a maximum of $150 within 48 hours.

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Offer Ends February 28, 2022

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    About & History of Iams Canada

    It all began in 1946 when Mr. Paul Iams started to create quality pet food.

    The staff works on improving the lives of furry pets: cats & dogs, and passion are shared. Many top executives own cats and dogs both.



    What’s your favourite Pet Food brand to buy?

    I know Iams had issues with Recalls once, but they have seemed to do ok in that department lately! I have used it in the past – but when it comes to dog food, I look to spice it up with different brands and different flavours – I’ve bought Iams, Beneful, Caesars, and Kibbles – but I don’t find my dog is particular about his food – just that he would rather eat Cat Food! Or his personal favourite – Human Food!