Iams Coupons: $5.00 off Dog Food


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About & History of Iams Company

It all began in 1946 when Mr. Paul Iams began to create quality pet food.

The staff works on improving the lives of furry pets: cats & dogs, and passion are shared. Many top executives own cats and dogs both.

What’s your favourite Pet Food brand to buy?

I know Iams had issues with Recalls once upon a time, but they have seemed to do ok in that department lately!  I have used it in the past – but when it comes to dog food I seem to spice it up with different brands and different flavours – I’ve bought Iams, Beneful, Caesars, and Kibbles – but I don’t find my dog is particular about his food – just that he would rather eat Cat Food! Or his personal favourite – Human Food!


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