If you love drinking Ice tea from a can,  you might love this new Nestea Coupon found on Selected participating cases of Nestea drinks! Get feeling good about Movie theatres this Canadian winter; you can still enjoy a free movie ticket!

If you think you will enjoy this offer, stock up when you think of a solid deal on cases of Nestea.

Nestea Coupon

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  • Purchase Nestea pop or Peace Tea and Qualify for a FREE movie ticket at Cineplex Theater

The promo expiry date is February 29, 2024

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    How to Get a Free Movie Ticket from Nestea

    Buy a specially marked case of pop from Nestea or Peace Tea products.

    Go to this link and Redeem

    Please note  Cineplex will grant no extra time for the promotion. 

    Also, note you can not gain Scene points, and there are a few other restrictions as in no Premier movies for digital rentals, etc.

    The regular price of a case of Nestea Lemon 12 pack is $5.97 at Walmart; if you can wait or happen to find specially marked issues for a sale price of $4.99

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    Nestea Brand

    Nestea Coupon: FREE Cineplex Movie with Purchase | Nestea Coupon

    Nestea is a brand of iced tea manufactured by Coca-Cola. Nestle company distributes the Nestea beverages that you know and love.

    This brand manufactures tea products. It comes in regular as well as diet. If you prefer the ready-to-drink bottles or powdered tea variety, Nestea has those as well.

    Some of the products you will find that carry the Nestea brand logo include;

    • Lemon Zero
    • Green Tea
    •  Half Tea and half Lemonade
    •  Blackcurrant
    •  Lemon
    •  Blueberry Mint
    • Honey Ginseng Green Tea
    • Mango Green Tea
    • White Peach

    Nestea is made with real tea leaves and natural fruit flavours. It is also sweetened the way you like it.

    Did you know that each bottle or can of Nestea is filled while hot? Just a little tidbit of information I thought was interesting.