Are you looking for a sweet treat that is not filled with sugar?  If so, check out this Sara Lee coupon to save $1.00 on these tasty treats made for  Canadian moms!

These are the perfect snacks around the house to keep your kids busy during summer break or even after school if they need an afternoon snack.

You can find all their products at Loblaws, No Frills and Real Canadian Superstores across Canada.

Sara Lee Coupons

There is a new coupon for the Sara Lee Little Bites!

Sara Little Bites Coupon

Save $1.00 from purchase of the following Sara Lee little bites products.

  • Sara Lee Little Bites muffins – Party Cake
  • Sara Lee Little Bites muffins – Chocolate chip
  • Sara Lee Little Bites muffins -Blueberry
  • Sara Lee Little Bites muffins -Brownies

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Sara Lee Coupon ~ Save $1.00 off Little Bites Muffins | sara lee coupon

History of Sara Lee Baked Goods

Throughout its history, Sara Lee Baked Goods has been associated with quality, freshness and convenience. Sara Lee launched a line of pre-packaged cakes and pastries sold under their name. This allowed customers to enjoy freshly-baked treats without spending time baking them from scratch.

Today, Sara Lee Baked Goods continues to provide an array of delicious treats that are enjoyed around the globe. Don’t forget to grab those Sara Lee Coupons to save money at the grocery store.