Sunrype Juice is a Canadian company that produces juice in different flavours. They are well known for their fruit juices but also offer vegetable and green blends. Their products are available at various grocery stores across Canada, including Walmart, Loblaws, Metro and Superstore.

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Get more Fruit in Your Diet with SunRype

 SunRypedelicious fruit juices and snacks are packed with natural goodness – plus, they contain absolutely zero added sugar or artificial colours. With a range of naturally occurring sugars, ingredients, and vitamin C for an extra boost, you’ll feel good about adding them to your daily routine.

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Look for products that contain the Apple Symbol. An Apple a Day can keep the doctor the way! If you thought apple juice was for kids, you are mistaken. Look for Sunrype apples and apple-based products.

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A little background on the Sunrype brand company

SunRype Products Limited was founded in 1946 in British Columbia by two entrepreneurial business partners.
SunRype started as a small business that made fruit juices from apples and other fruits grown in orchards throughout BC.

A few years later, they introduced their now famous 100% Juice line, which is still popular today!

SunRype decided to expand into new markets with products like fruit bars and trail mix snacks.

Today, SunRype is still a proudly Canadian company with its headquarters in British Columbia. It continues to produce healthy and delicious snacks.

From classic favourites like Fruit Juices and Fruit To Go bars to newer products like Protein Bars and Chewy Granola Bars, Canadians have plenty of options for snacking on something sweet from Sunrype.

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