FREE Nikwax Samples For Canada

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Nikwax FREE Samples for Canada 2019.

Play the Nikwax Web Quiz and get a FREE Samples.

This month’s Nikwax FREE samples are:

  • FREE Waterproofing for Leather
    • Waterproof your leather boots or gloves with Waterproofing Wax for Leather.
  • FREE Tent & GearSolarproof
    • Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof – the high performance waterproofer for synthetic tents and gear.

You can keep repeating the quiz until you get the answers correct.

Click here to receive your FREE Nikwax Waterproofing for Leather!

Click here to receive your FREE Tent & Gear SolarProof!

Nikwax Free Sample Offer is available only while quantities last.

Important Note: You can only win a maximum of one free product per household every 2 months.


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A little background on Nikwax.

This brand makes cleaning and waterproofing products. This, in turn, prolongs the amount of wear you can get from your footwear and the performance of equipment, etc. These products are safe and easy to use. Nontoxic and safe for the environment. Nikwax Waterproofing products help you stay dry and warm when you are enjoying fun in the elements.

Some featured products include

  • Leather Cleaner
  • Rug Proof: Only use on blankets or rugs that have a breathable material.
  • Wool Wash: For all your wool clothing and other wool items.
  • Tech Wash
  • Basewash and Basewash Gel: Deodorize those workout clothing either from the wash or by hand. Keep your Activewear smelling clean and fresh.
  • Down Duopack: Use on Down clothing or equipment.
  • Down Wash

For waterproofing

  • Footwear
  • Fabric & Leather
  • Down Proof
  • Glove Proof
  • Nubuck & Suede
  • Rope Proof
  • Polar Proof
  • TX Direct
  • Rug Proof
  • And many more!

Also products for UV Protection and Conditioning.

Nikwax Philosophy and Environment Outlook. 

Companies that endorse this brand include names like The North Face, Nomad, Tilley, and more.

Click here to find a Nikwax Deal near you.  Request a free catalogue. 

Got more questions?

Here are the frequently asked questions you might have about this brand. Click here to visit their site. Find all the latest products and information that you need.


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  1. Too bad its over! I would have loved to enter this contest! I hope you have another contest again soon. your product is excellent!


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