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Ocean’s Coupon to Save on Tuna in Canada.

It’s important to get those Omega 3 vitamins in your body, and who can’t resist a tuna and mayo toasted sandwich ( the question is to add or not to add pickles) Canned tuna is relatively inexpensive, but coupons are always a great way to save. There are a few ocean tuna coupons to choose from.

Ocean tuna

Ocean’s Canned Tuna Coupons

We are all familiar with the average canned tuna products on the market and here’s a nice little saver coupon to print and save an additional 33 cents per can!

  • Save $1.00 off when you buy Three (3) Ocean’s Solid or Flaked Tuna

This Coupon is available in Print format only.

Print coupon for Tuna Here

The coupon expiry date is December 31, 2020

Walmarts Price of Tuna is $1.47 per can 

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Tuna in Oil

Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil Coupon

if you enjoy your tuna in olive oil, you will adore these coupon savings,

  • Get $1 off any Ocean’s tuna in oil product

Click Here to Print

Coupon Expires June 30, 2021




Oceans Tuna packages

The Ocean Tuna Pouches are packed with flavour, and ready to spread on your cracker!. They are available in a few different flavours including Ginger Lemon.

Tuna Pouch Coupons

  • Save $1.00 off when you buy Two (2) Tuna Pouches
  • Save $1.00 off when you purchase 3 cans of Tuna

The coupon expiry date is noted above.

Walmart’s Price of this product is $1.97

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Ocean's SnacKit

Tuna snack kit Coupon

Ocean’s also has a Snack Kit that you can purchase at your local grocery stores. What’s nice about these are they are great for packing in your lunch and includes the crackers,

Buy 2 get $1 off any Ocean’s Tuna Snack kit

Print Coupon ( Expires June 30, 2021)




Oceans Tuna Free Product Coupons

If you are lucky enough for a grocery store to accept a Free Product Coupon these are some great FREE product Coupons, but I know many stores are not accepting of these, but they are legit,

Free Product Coupon for Oceans Flavoured Tuna Pouches

Free Product Coupon for Oceans Flavoured Tuna or Tuna Snack kit

Print Coupon ( Expires March 31, 2021)

Savings Expired?

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How to Save Money on Tuna

Saving money on canned tuna is like shopping for anything else in your grocery store, simply start a price book,  and get to know your local store pricing. You will find cycles of when your favourite brand of oceans tuna comes on sale for a decent discount. Use a coupon if possible, and stock up a few extra cans when the price is right!

Before stocking up – Make sure its the kind of Oceans Tuna you have already tried and enjoyed. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something you end up hating. Be careful of flavoured tuna – some of them I personally like and some I don’t.

Check out Ocean’s Brands Contests as well to win FREE Products



About Oceans Tuna Brand

Ocean Brands is a committed group that develops healthy and new products. They have a great relationship with food processors around the world.

Ocean’s was established in 1962, and in 1983, the “Ocean’s” seafood brand was launched in Canada and New Zealand.

Ocean Brands’ products are distributed to retailers across Canada.

Ocean Tuna Pasta Sauce Flavours:

  • The Arrabiata
  • The Sicilian
  • The Puttanesca

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Ocean's Coupon


  1. It’s from their “Ocean” website. It’s legit. Just not “normal, as we’re all used to seeing a picture of the product included. But look at this way – This coupon will save on Ink.


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