Olympic Dairy Canada Contest ~ Win 1 of 3 Outdoor Adventures valued $2,500

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New Olympic Dairy Contest for Canada.

Olympic “48 Hour Adventure” Contest.

Win 1 of 3 Outdoor Adventures valued $2,500.

Each prize consists of a two thousand and five hundred dollars ($2,500) adventure credit given out by cheque or e-transfer, at the discretion of the winner so that the winner can book an outdoor adventure of his/her choice.

 Note: You will Need a UPC code in order to Enter.

Here’s is a UPC to get you started:

059161351025 – Natural 2% Plain (650g)


  • Daily entry (Maximum of 4 UPC codes per day)
  • Open to Canada only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of majority

Enter Olympic Dairy Giveaway HERE

This Olympic Dairy Contest ends November 4, 2018


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About Olympic Dairy Products

Fresh Milk is the most important ingredient . All the cows live close to the Dairies.

  • No Pottassium sorbate,
  • No Gluten
  • No Aspartame
  • No Preservatives
  • No Gelatin

Only 100% Natural Ingredients

Fresh milk into fresh Balkan-style yogurt within 48 hours

Where to Purchase & Products

Find Yogurts, organic milk, sour cream and cream cheese in most major retail stores, and health food stores across Canada: Call Custom Service if you can’t find the product at 1-877-651-6389






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