Organizing Family Command Centers |




Does your family have a centralized place where essential notes, paperwork, and items are left? If not, chances are you spend a lot of time running around trying to find various things, such as the keys, in the morning with the occasional morning meltdown included. It seems as if these pesky items grow legs of their own, and relocate themselves on you in a heartbeat! A family command center conquers these things and secures them in a spot where you’ll find them with minimal effort.



Organizing Family Command Centers |

Colour Codes

Colour codes are a great way to organize your command center. If each member of your family has their colour, you can use it to correlate several things. Members can use their colour on the calendar, have folders or tabs in a folder colour coded for them, or even have colour-coded hooks for their keys (or colours for their cubbies)



The significant think about a command center is that it is fully customizable based on the needs of your family. Consider using lots of pictures and symbols or your command center if you have younger children. They need to be able to easily see, reach, and utilize the compartments (communication and special paperwork/notes for parents can still go out of their reach in a higher area of the command center). Starting them out early will allow them to be familiar with the command center once they grow older.

Make It Special

While the command center is great to organize your home, it shouldn’t be doomed to be boring. If it is dull and seen as a chore, you may see it being avoided by your family rather than embraced. Make it special by putting fun notes and inspirational quotes. You may use it as a way of sharing surprises and special messages. Have a special event coming up? Leave it on the calendar and see how long it takes each member of your family to see it! Fun things like this will have your family eagerly checking your command center each day. What better way to ditch the junk drawer?