Ozery Bakery Canada Savings!

Ozery Bakery makes great bread and snacks! Find this brand at your local major grocery outlets.  They make Rounds, Sandwich buns, and Lavish snack crackers!  So the next time you have a carb craving with a sandwich, Think Ozery Bakery  ……… We will show you the savings.

Ozery Bakery Coupon

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Ozery Bakery History


Since 1996, the Ozery family has to create alternatives to traditional bread products made from whole grains, seeds, and fruit.  No 20 years old they have expanded the bakery into Ontario, Quebec and even the USA.

They pledge No artificial preservatives, No GMO’s.


  • MORNING ROUNDS: Toastable fruit & grain buns
  • ONEBUN: Thin, pre-sliced sandwich buns
  • MINI PITAS: Small pita bread with a pocket
  • SNACKING ROUNDS: Bite-sized fruit & grain buns
  • LAVASH CRACKERS: Thin grain crackers
  • PITAS: Pita bread with a pocket