Playstation Free Games: February 2019




New Playstation Free Games in February

The new line up for  a free PlayStation Plus games in February  this year

Sweet – You get the Complete 1st season the Hitman this month as part of the games lineup for February 2019!

Simply download all 6 of these free Play Station Plus Games by downloading them to your games library through the store links below or you can download through the Play Station Application on your console.

These games are available for free until March 5th  and are usable as long as your membership is current.

The following games are only free to those that have a paid Playstation Plus.

Full Lineup:


  • For Honor
  • HITMAN: The Complete First Season


  • Divekick, Cross-Buy with PS Vita
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Cross-Play (Vita/PS4)

  • Gunhouse
    Rogue Aces

Visit the page for details here

Free Games Expiry March 5th, 2019

About PlayStation

PlayStation  is a gaming brand that consists of four home video game consoles, as well as a media center, an online service, a line of controllers,

It is created and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment since December 3, 1994,

The original console in the series was the first video game console to ship 100 million units, 9 years and 6 months after its initial launch.

  • PlayStation 2, was released in 2000.
  • PlayStation 3, was released in 2006
  •  PlayStation 4, was released in 2013,

The PlayStation Network is an online service with over 110 million users worldwide (as of July 2013




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