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Right, Guard Coupon for Canada.

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  • Save $1.00 off your next purchase of any one (1) Right Guard antiperspirant/deodorant stick( excluding aerosols)

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Right Guard Brand

This brand makes some of the world’s best deodorants and antiperspirants for men if it’s sweat and body odour that you want to prevent, then be sure to try the Right Guard brand of products today.

There are different varieties of Right Guard to try depending on your specific needs and wants;

  • Total Defense
  • Extreme Clear
  • Sport 3D Clear and Sport 3D stick
  • Sport Aerosol

and many more.


Right Guard Total Defense 5

We can’t talk about the Right Guard brand without mentioning Total Defense 5.

This product protects you from 5 of the things that every deodorant should, but not all do, provide protection from.

Right, Guard Total Defense 5 defends against odour, sweat, time-released, so it lasts longer, and also protects that horrible bacteria from forming.

The next time you find yourself in the Health aisle at your local department or grocery store, be sure to stop by the Right Guard brand of products and take a look for yourself.

Use this money-saving coupon to save on your purchase as well.