Discover Rise Kombucha in Canada!

What exactly is Rise Kombucha? Well, Kombucha is a sparkling and flavourful fermented tea infused with fruit concentrates. These drinks are known to promote health and boost vitality by cleansing, detoxifying and energizing. Now you can Find out Where to Buy in Canada and Save with this Coupon.

Rise Kombucha Coupon

  • Save $1.00 off a bottle of Rise 1 Kombucha Tea in a 414ml bottle

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Coupon Expiry Date is February 28, 2021

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Rise Kombucha Pricing

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Rise Kombucha is not a cheap energy drink, but considering its all organic with low sugar and all that goodness of fermented tea, It sounds expensive! Thank Goodness the coupon will help you perhaps try it at least.

  • Loblaws Stores: $3.99 for any Rise 414 ml bottle ( Regular Price)
  • Walmart Stores: $3.99 ( Regular Price)
  • Save on Foods  in 1 Litre was sale price $7.99

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About Rise

RISE Kombucha has been brewed in Montreal, Quebec since 2008, so they have 12 years of experience as a company, and who knows how long since their Craft began on making fermented tea.

Rise claims their brand of kombucha is very balanced and is not the typical vinegary taste similarly found in the traditional kombucha teas.


Where to Buy Kombucha in Canada

You can purchase Rise brand Kombucha drinks in practically every grocery store across Canada in all ten provinces and territories.

  • Walmart
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • IGA
  • Co-op
  • Sobeys
  • Save On Foods
  • Loblaws stores