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Tea has long been known for its health benefits. For centuries, people have drunk all kinds of tea for medicinal use as well as spiritual use. Let’s look at some ways drinking Celestial Seasonings tea can be amazing for your health.

15 Reasons to Drink Celestial Seasonings Tea

1. Tea can help prevent heart attacks as well as increase overall cardiovascular health. This is because polyphenol antioxidants are found in many teas. This help protects against cell damage.

2. Green tea can be especially useful. It has been shown to slow the process of bone aging and make bones denser.

3. Green Tea has also been shown to speed up metabolism so it can aid in weight loss efforts.

4. Celestial Seasonings tea contains less caffeine than coffee, so it is the perfect hot drink for those that like to have a hot drink closer to bedtime. Because it contains less caffeine, it will keep you from getting the buzz that coffee gives you.

5. Many Celestial Seasoning teas naturally contain fluoride, so tea may actually be great for overall dental health. Just don’t add sweeteners or it kind of defeats the purpose.

6. Tea can help your body fight infections because the antioxidants it contains can be a bolster to the immune system.

7. Many Celestial Seasonings teas can help with alertness because they do contain caffeine, which can, in turn, be just enough to help with problem-solving and attention span. This is not always true with some herbal blends, though so make sure to stick with black teas for this effect.

8 Tea can be amazing for type 2 diabetics as it has been shown to help them process sugars introduced to their body with meals. If you add cinnamon or your tea contains it, that’s even better.

9. Celestial Seasonings tea can actually help keep you regular in your bathroom habits as it promotes the good bacteria to grow in your digestive system.

10. Tea is better for you than coffee in regards to keeping hydrated. It helps the body retain water but not hold onto too much the way coffee can.

11. Green Tea can be beneficial to your eyes. Studies have shown that it helps keep the tissues there healthy, reducing the risk of degenerative eye diseases.

12. If you drink a regular old cup of Celestial Seasoning black tea or a blend containing it, you may find that it helps to relieve feelings of stress as it has been shown to control the release of hormones that produce the feeling of it.

13. Drinking a cup of Celestial Seasonings tea can actually help rid yourself of a headache. The small amount of caffeine in it helps ease mild aches from a cold as well.

14, Green Tea can help you have a clearer complexion and get rid of acne troubles. Just drinking some each day keeps your skin health with all the antioxidants in it.

15. Tea can help fight a cold or sinus infection. Not only through the steam of it, but also the antigens that help get rid of bacteria.

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15 Reasons To Drink Celestial Seasonings Tea |

15 Reasons To Drink Celestial Seasonings Tea |