New Rose Gal Ships to Canada!

Rosegal is an Online marketplace that brings you fashionable clothing from worldwide, primarily overseas from China. Like most stores that ship from China, they get a bad rep due to sizing and, in general, all the trouble that comes with international shipping.  But if you are a Savvy Online Shopper, you know a good deal when you see one, and like a good deal, and are willing to take a Risk ( I have lots in the past), Rose Gal does ship to Canada.

Here is How to Save Money with Rose Gal for Canada

Watch the Front Page for some of the Better Deals – They are good at highlighting all the sales; there are no hidden deals, which is nice!

  • Watch for those Flash Sales – These usually will have savings of 70% off.
  • Sign up for their newsletter – so you don’t miss another Flash Sale.
  • Regular Shopper – Join the rewards program to earn more Discounts

Cons of Ordering from Rose Gal!

  • Lack of Customer Service
  • Shipping – 2-month wait, and some items never arrive.
  • Quality – Some complaints that quality is inferior
  • Customs and Import Fees – It might cost way more than worth.

Shop Rosegal Today

Tip: Be sure to measure yourself before ordering and look at the sizes before assuming they are traditional sizing.  Most things will run small – and be prepared to order additional size (s) up.  A 31 Waist is Large, not a Medium, and pay attention to shoulder width.

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About Rosegal

RoseGal began with friends who all loved fashion, especially clothing. The vintage style was their passion  – they felt it was classic and timeless vintage clothing from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Contemporary Style: Also available in a veritable rainbow of colours,

Find Vintage in the following items, jewelry, shoes, dresses, shirts, dresses,

Rosegal Dresses

Rose Gal Red Dress

Find the perfect Christmas dress for your company’s holiday party, or find that cute little dress to wear to your friend’s wedding, or perhaps for New Years’. So many suits to choose from! Have fun choosing and shopping!