Free Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Container

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Coming to the rescue: the Rubbermaid® FreshWorks™ Produce Saver containers. They’re very easy to use: simply transfer the produce from their packaging into the container. No need to rinse, wash, or cut them — how convenient!

  • The FreshWorks™ Produce Saver keeps produce fresh up to 80% longer
  • The FreshVent™ Lid has a patented filter membrane that naturally regulates the flow of oxygen & carbon dioxide to create the optimal environment so your produce stays farm fresh
  • This built-in filter lasts a lifetime, no refills needed ever!
  • The produce container is sized to optimally fit & keep produce fresher, longer
  • The Crisptray™ at the base of the container elevates produce away from moisture and promotes proper airflow to help prevent spoilage
  • Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free

Other food storage containers may look similar, but FreshWorks™ from Rubbermaid® has patented technology that is designed to really work. From now on, my compost bin will be on the diet, and my family will get first dibs on fresh, juicy, crunchy delicious food!

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Rubbermaid Brand

The Rubbermaid brand manufacturers and distributes a very wide range of household items that make our lives easier.

It is an American Company but Canada seems to be a huge customer based country when it comes to this brand.

Food storage containers and trash bins are the top sellers.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermaid now as a new catalog that offers commercial as well as industrial products. They seem to be widening their product base.

Find everything from industrial mobs and waste disposal products.

Rubbermaid Closet

Are you familiar with the Rubbermaid Closet System?

If you are looking for a great storage idea that you must check out this product.

Get that closet of yours organized and use every bit of space to your advantage. Shelves, hanging units, and configurations to help you organize any size closet.

Imagine having everything at your fingertips when you need them. No more searching and getting frustrated when you cannot find that specific piece of clothing or accessory.

Rubbermaid Containers

Rubbermaid Containers are one of the most popular selling items right now.

Food storage as just gotten more convenient for all. Glass and plastic containers that make our lives so much easier. Compact and meets your specific needs.


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  1. I really need a new supply of Rubbermaid a couple of my hinges are not as tight as they were


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