What Is WowButter, You Might Ask?

WowButter is a product that looks, tastes, and has the same texture as peanut butter but without peanuts.

Kids love this product because of those above-mentioned, like WowButter because it is peanut-free, contains Omega 3, complete protein, no GMOs, safe for school, and is vegan.

WowButter Free Samples Canada

There is a limited number of “free samples” given away.  It comes in the form of a one 0.56oz (16g) single-serve WOWBUTTER sample.

How to Apply for Free Sample

You will need to call the hotline to request a code to use online by using the form below, and then enter your mailing address and confirm you are a human and not a robot by entering another code you see at the bottom of the form.

Click here to get your FREE sample

General FREE Stuff Rules of Thumb

  • Please allow 6-8 weeks to arrive
  • No one is ever guaranteed a free sample (It’s an opportunity)
  • While Supplies Last

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Where To Buy Wow Butter

You can purchase Wowbutter in retail locations across Canada and the United States, as well as online. Be sure to check out the “where to buy” tab on their webpage for more information.


Find delicious recipes using WowButter products on their website as well—everything from mouth-watering desserts to drinks and Holiday Favourites.

For more educational information for families, schools, or just general product information, be sure to visit WowButter online today.