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Chickadvisor New Product Review Club Offer

FREE Schwarzkopf Opportunity from Chickadvisor.

Lucky Chickadvisor Product Review Club members will have the chance to try Schwarzkopf hair Mascara.

Schwarzkopf® Hair Mascara is available in five shades:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Dark Blonde

Simply Apply at the link below to be one of the lucky chosen ones.

  • Rules:
    • Canadians only
    • Chickadvisor member (FREE to join)
    •  Review at least 5 products on your own OR have previously reviewed at least 5
    • Take the Get to Know You Survey
    • Apply for Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara on the link below!
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Apply to try FREE Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara Here

You have until January 20, 2019 to apply.

Selected members will be contacted during the week of January 21 via email.

What is Schwarzkopf You Might Ask?

This is a brand of hair care products. If you want, or need in my case beautiful hair this is the brand to choose.

Find tips and tricks to make your daily hairstyling easier. They even have step-by-step tutorials for you to watch. How cool is that?!

People have come to trust this brand when it comes to their haircare because they have a passion for hair. It’s that simple. They have experience and love what they do. It shows in their products and positive online reviews.

The next time you need a hair care product, be sure to check out the Schwarzkopf brand of products. You will not be disappointed