, Temptations Rebate: Free Toy with Treats



New mail-in-rebate offer from Temptations.

Collect & mail-in 4 Temptations pouch tops and receive a FREE GIFT!!

The gift pack includes the following;

  • TWO Snacky Mouse Toys
  • bag of Temptations Cat Treats.

These toys are only available in Canada for the COLLECT & GET* promotion

Click here for a free offer from Temptations. 

Requests must be sent before July 18, 2016.

Get the latest free rebates in Canada. 

Step By Step Instructions on how to obtain your FREE Temptations Pack;

  1. Purchase 4 packs of TEMPTATIONS® Treats (60g-350g) from your favourite retailer or online. There is no special packaging for this promotion, so every package of TEMPTATIONS® (60g – 350g) is eligible.
  2. Cut off the pouch tops with scissors or tear off the top as you would when opening your package of TEMPTATIONS® treats. You only need to mail in the portion above the re-sealable zipper (top 1″). 1 package = 1 pouch top.
  3. Mail-in all four pouch tops along with a 5 x 5″ piece of white paper with your name, full address, city, province, and postal code
  4. Wait for 6-8 weeks. Open and unpack the endless fun your cat will have to play with the SNACKY MOUSE cat toy.

What’s New At Temptations You Might Ask?

Find exciting news about all that’s new at Temptations via their webpage. There you will find information on new products, promotions, deals, exciting contests, and much more.

Check out the Match & Munch online game while you are there for a little online enjoyment. Your cat will this game as well as the “Catch The Snacks” game. I’m sure it will provide hours of fun for your furbaby.

These are a must for any cat lover out there.