Tenderflake Canada Contest – WIN $1,000 CASH (4 winners)

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Tenderflake Contest for Canada.

Bake Your Prize Contest.

Enter to WIN $1,000 CASH (4 winners).

4 winners (1 winner in Quebec and 3 winners for the rest of Canada) to each win $1,000 CAD towards their desired prize.

How to enter:

  1. Bake with Tenderflake pie shells
  2. Create a pie top featuring the prize you want to win. Want a bike? Decorate a bike themed pie! Want to go on a fancy dinner date? Make a fancy dinner date themed pie! The possibilities are endless.
  3. Post your pie to Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #BakeYourPrize, tag @Tenderflake, and tell them why you want this prize!


  • Multiple Entries (one entry per original post)
  • Open to Canadian residents only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • valid Facebook or Instagram account

Enter contest from Tenderflake Here

This Tenderflake Contest ends December 28, 2018


Sweepstake Expired?

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Tenderflake Pie Crust

Light and flaky are two words I would use to describe Tenderflake Pie Crust. This brand as been around for generations and it’s recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

Available Products

Choose from delicious Pastry, Pie Shells, and Tart Shells


Tenderflake as many mouth-watering recipes available. Some of them include Pumpkin Pie, Custard & Fruit Pie, Pumpkin Mousse Patties, Beautiful Berry Pie, and many more. Baking just got a little easier with a little help from this brand of products.

You can also make your own Tenderflake pie crust just like the pros do it. Google online recipes for the brand and then find pie crusts. These will be so flaky and delicious that you will think it’s the real thing.

If you are in a hurry be sure to try the above products during your next baking session. You will be very pleased with the outcome.



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