Unisom Snore Relief Canada

The newest product of Unisom is the Unisom Snore Relief, and we will show you how to try this product for a lot less money. New Unisom Snore Relief can be purchased at Pharamys across Canada as a throat spray to relieve snoring symptoms. Snoring affects 2 out of 3 adults,


Unisom Snore Relief Coupons

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Coupon Expiry Date December 31, 2021

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Snore Relief Spray Pricing

Swiffer Product Pricing

What can you expect from the Pricing of this product?

Walmart Canada carries this product for $19.99

Unisom Snore Relief

Unisom Snore Relief Throat Spray

New product on the market: Try this throat spray to help to prevent snoring. It’s available in pharmacies without a prescription. It is available in a 45 mL liquid aerosol (approximately 36 doses).

What are the active ingredients?
liquid solution based on Black Horehound, White Horehound, Ginger  and Vitamin B6

How often do I use it per day

1x or 2 x a day

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