Winter is around the corner, and we now tend to shave our legs at a loss, but we all aren’t so lucky with long hair to get away with it for a whole winter; now is your chance to get a Coupon via mailed to your home, plus a free sample of wax strips.

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    About Veet:

    Veet is a leading name for hair removal products and is used by 30 million women each year. Reckitt sells more than 46 million products each year.

    Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit:

    It’s a self-heating wax system with a roll-on applicator for use at home.  The wax removes hair from the roots and is valid on hair as short as 2mm. They are designed for all skin types, including sensitivity.

    The Kit Includes:

    • 1 Electrical Roll-On Waxing Device and Cap with an electrical cord.
    • 1 Refill  50 ml (four legs and arms)
    • 12  strips
    • 4 Post-Depilatory wipes

    Can I use Veet to remove my pubic hair?

    Waxing strips can be an effective solution to remove hair from the pubic area and around the vagina. Veet has introduced a wide variety of waxing strips for Vagina Waxing that can be used easily at your home. You’ll get fewer, more refined, and softer hair growth with regular use.

    Veet VS Nair

    Nair has a more potent formula than Veet but contains harsher chemicals in the ingredient list. Veet has been around longer and is most likely a better choice for sensitive skin than Nair.