, FREE Victoria Secret Mini Fragrance



Head to your nearest Victoria Secret location, try on a bra, and they will give you a FREE sample of their mini fragrance!!

Sounds good to me.

Click here for Victoria Secret’s FREE Fragrance Offer (Twitter)

Free samples are available while quantities last. I suggest you get there early before they are gone.

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Victoria Secret Canada

This brand is the largest American retailer of lingerie.

In recent years their sales have reached and surpassed the 6 billion dollar mark.

Here you can find lingerie, woman’s wear and beauty products to suit every style.

This company was founded back in 1977 and has grown tremendously over the years.

At first, you could find men’s underwear as well as ladies. It didn’t take long to figure out that men weren’t as interested in their undergarments as Victoria Secret thought they were. The company started to lose sales and eventually headed for bankruptcy.

In 1983, the company decided to change its outlook and start focusing more on the female population. It proved to be highly productive. Even though you could still find men’s underwear in some of Victoria’s Secret locations up until 1993, it was in 1983 that the whole focus began to shift toward women-only.