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VIM Inspired by Nature Products.

FamilyRated has teamed up with Vim to offer some Canadian families to try VIM Inspired by Nature products for FREE!

  • Inspired by Nature Anti-Limescale Bathroom Spray
  • Inspired by Nature Degreaser Kitchen Spray

Apply at the link below to be one of the chosen families to try these products out.

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  • Canadians only
  • Familyrated member (FREE to join)
  • Apply for FREE VIM products on the link below!
  • Good Luck!

Apply for FREE products Here

Apply before June 04, 2019

Selected members will be contacted by email during the week of June 04, 2019

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Vim Cleaning Products

If it’s a tough cleaning job you need to be done, look no further than Vim Cleaning Products. There is a wide range of products that will exceed your highest expectations.

  • Get your home sparkling clean with a little help from this brand.
  • Comes in spray form, gel, cream, Vim for your floors, and much more.
  • There will even be baked Soda and Oxy-Gel versions for tough cleaning.

It was first introduced by the Lever Brothers but is now owned by a Spotless Group company.

The very first Vim product that became available to consumers was known as a scouring powder. It was back in 1904 that we discovered just how powerful Vim really was at getting the toughest dirt.

Add a little of this scouring powder with a scrub brush and watch them disappear appear. Why we needed to use all that elbow grease over the years is beyond me.