, What to Buy in March Canada



What to Buy in March in Canada

Wily shoppers always look for what’s on sale and it’s bingo if the discounted products match to the things on your monthly shopping list. If you are looking for what bargains are worth battling for in the month of March, we’ve compiled a small list of March-busting items. Take a look:


Frozen Food Items

March is officially the National Frozen Food Month, offering you super cost-effective deals on all types of frozen food. Many supermarkets will offer coupons and hefty discounts on a variety of frozen foods such as prepared meals, meat, pizzas, vegetables, fruits, and more during the entire month! Grab this opportunity and take a fresh look at frozen!


Grab the Holiday Deals     

Good Friday is on March 25 and Easter is on March 27, so expect some great deals on groceries near the end of the month. It’s a great time to fill your freezer because retailers and supermarkets will offer discounted fish for Good Friday and sales on ham, turkey, and lamb leading up to Easter.

In addition, the Persian New Year Norooz or Nowruz is on March 20. So, if you live in a Persian-populated area, look for deals on grocery items like rice and beans.


Chocolates and Baking Supplies

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the last holidays before the fall holiday season. So, stock up baking supplies, chocolates, and candies that will be on heavy discounts at post-Easter sales. Don’t miss the chance because there will be no more big holidays for a while.


Luggage and Bags

Making a vacation plan for the upcoming summer holidays? Buy your luggage and bags now! Offers of discounts become available on luggage and bags during or right after a major holiday. March, May, and July are the months when people start planning about spring and summer vacations. Stores are well aware of this trend and cater to those customers by offering exciting deals throughout the warmer season.

Perfume & Gift Items

March is the best month to grab some Valentine’s Day leftovers! It is very common for themed sweets, perfume, and gift items to go on sale at any store with overstock after a holiday. So, check the gift sections of department stores, deals on perfume leftovers from Valentine’s Day and discounted treats at high-end chocolate shops.


Winter Apparel

March is probably the last month to grab big discounts on winter apparel. With spring around the corner, stores will now desperately try to sell off the winter clothes left in their stock. Search through retailers and renowned stores that sell branded winter apparel and expect to get 50% discounts or more.


Air Conditioners and Barbecues

These two items will be high in demand in the summer. So, March is your last chance to get them on sale. People are still not quite looking for air conditioners and barbecues and many retailers will offer deals on them to catch the early customers.

March is basically a quiet month for sales. But, if you know what to look for and where to look at, you will get everything from chocolates to air conditioners on discounts!