New Enfamil Coupon For Canada(Printable)

New Enfamil Coupon For Canada(Printable)


New Enfamil printable coupons for Canada


  • Save $5 off Enfamil A+® Family of Infant Formulas
  • Save $3 off Enfagrow A+

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About Enfamil D Vi Sol:

Breast feeding is considered the best thing for babies to get nutrition, but typically breast milk contains low levels of vitamin D, which is important for development of bones and teeth.

  • With D Vi Sol you can make sure your baby is getting the proper daily amount.
  • Product is in vitamin drops
  • Provides  the recommended 400 IU daily dose  of vitamin D
  • Dropper included
  • Helps in development of bones and teeth.

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About Enfamil: 

Enfamil  baby brand began in 1958 and is owned by Mead Johnson, which was founded in 1905. Enfamil R was the first infant formula to be designed as a nutritional supplement for those mothers whom could not breast feed.

Parents who want the best nutrition for their babies turn to Enfamil Canada. Enfamil is a brand developed and owned by Mead Johnson. Since the 1950’s Enfamil has been providing nutrients to babies before they were even born. Today the line extends from prenatal nutrients through nutrients for toddlers.

Enfamil Canada agrees that breastfeeding is a healthy choice for your baby, but even then additional sources may be required. For example, most people have a vitamin D deficiency and may not know it. This means that even if you ware breastfeeding, your baby may not be getting all the nutrients he or she needs.

Every infant is different and has different nutritional needs. That’s why Enfamil Canada carries a full line of options for parents to choose from. Whether your baby needs a few drops of vitamin D or your toddler needs calcium support, you can look to Enfamil Canada to meet your child’s nutritional needs.


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