Enfamil has been helping moms for over a decade, and they are still helping moms save money with Enfamil products; right now, Enfamil has a new rewards program where you can earn not only FREE products but can earn FREE Walmart Gift Cards. Enfamil still has their regular program where you can a special promotion of a Free Sample sized Toddler Drink ( that’s been around for years)

Enfamil Learn & Grow Rewards

Enfamil Learn & Grow Rewards Program

Enfamil has a new Rewards Program they just released! Great Program for the moms with toddlers!

A  new program that converts the time you spend with your toddler into extra rewards for your family.

There are tons of activities where you can earn points, including submitting Walmart Receipts to earn points on your next purchase of Enfagrow A+

How does the Rewards Program Work?

How the Enfamil Rewards Program Works

  1. First, Sign up by Registering for a New Learn & Grow profile ( Don’t worry, it’s FREE to Register)
  2. Complete Activities such as reading recommended books, cooking recipes, sharing on social media, colouring pages together with your toddler.
  3. Get Rewarded by converting your points into Exclusive Discounts. Strive for 55 points which will give you a $10 Walmart Gift Card.

More FREE Rewards

Enfamil More Rewards

  • 75 Points you will be able to redeem for a $20.00 Walmart Gift Card
  • Free Enfagrow A+ Toddler Drink with 50 points

Register for Learn & Grow Today

Offer is ongoing



Enfamil Free Samples & Gift Cards ( Two Offers) |


A FREE SAMPLE of Enfaragrow

Yes, It’s still available! Get your free samples of Enfamil – Enfragrow today!

What you will receive

  • a FREE sample of Enfagrow A+, a nutritional drink for toddlers,
  • Enfagrow A+ coupons

Click Here to Sign up 

Offer valid while quantities last.

Still Valid for the Year 2021

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Free Sample

    Family Beginnings

    If you would like to receive tons of valuable information via your mailbox, then sign up for the Family Beginnings Program immediately. You will receive over $130 in coupons and offers depending on your location and the availability of these products.

    Enfamil Products

    Newborn Babies: Enfamil A+ and. Also available in a low-iron version.

    A+ is the closest formula to breast milk. Breastfeeding is best, but if for some reason you cannot or choose not to, this product would be the next best thing.

    Infants: Enfapro A+, Enfamil A+, Regular, as well as low iron versions

    Toddlers: Twelve months and up. Products to help your child transition from bottled milk to whole milk.

    Enfamil Tools

    There are Feeding and Formula Tools available on their website that will answer any questions you might have.

    Feeding Guide: How and when to introduce those solid foods. Suppose you are breastfeeding; how to recognize if your baby is getting enough to eat—for example, the number of wet diapers per day, etc.

    Formula Finder: See all the available products for your baby according to their age. Choose the best for you.

    Formula Comparison Chart, so much more!!!