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Soup is the ultimate comfort food: warm, filling and satisfying.

So it’s easy to understand why soup has been a firm family favourite for generations.

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A.Vogel Brand

All-natural health remedies for many ailments. They believe that a balanced lifestyle, healthy nutrition, exercise, and natural resources used in conjunction with one another will create the best life possible for you. Vogel’s products are divided into three main divisions;

  1. Effective natural remedies
  2. Healthy nutrition
  3. Current health literature

Alfred Vogel realized that extracts from newly harvested plants had a better effect than those taken from dried plants hence why he became a naturopath and devoted his entire life to this.


Search for health products for a wide range of things, including menopause, allergies, varicose veins, cold sore, neck pain, joint pain, and many more. There are over 45 conditions that can be treated with A.Vogel products.

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If you have a question or concern, ask one of their health professionals online. They can provide you with any information you might need to know. Find healthy recipes and more!!