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A. Vogel Canada is a natural health brand that has been around for almost 150 years. It is known for its Non-GMO herbal products, with nearly 150 years of history supplying pharmaceutical-grade products.

Some of their best-known products are the following: Echinacetam and Herbamare.

Avogel Canada

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    A.Vogel Brand

    All-natural health remedies for many ailments. They believe that a balanced lifestyle, healthy nutrition, exercise, and natural resources used in conjunction will create the best life possible for you. Vogel’s products are divided into three main divisions;

    1. Effective natural remedies
    2. Healthy nutrition
    3. Current health literature

    Alfred Vogel realized that extracts from newly harvested plants had a better effect than those taken from dried plants hence why he became a naturopath and devoted his entire life to this.

    What is a Vogel Products good for

    Search for health products for many things, including menopause, allergies, varicose veins, cold sore, neck pain, joint pain, and many more. There are over 45 conditions known to be treatable with A. Vogel products.  You will find an extensive selection of natural remedies and healthy food products. Also, find dietary supplements certified organic and freshly harvested.

    Where is a Vogel from?

    Dr. Vogel was originally from Switzerland.  Now The company operates in over 30 countries around the world.

    There are four companies in Germany, France, Finland and Canada.

    Who is Dr. Vogel?

    He was a  Swiss pioneer of natural health Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) who said, “Nature was my best-loved university.”