BeeHive corn Syrup 

Suppose you like corn syrup to go on your waffles or perhaps pancakes, Discover BeeHive Corn Syrup. It’s golden brown and is much thicker than pancake syrup. It’s got a lot of Flavour and won’t run off your pancake. Save money with BeeHive Coupons.

Were you looking for a syrup that’ll keep your candies sweet and your desserts frosty? Look no further than BeeHive Corn Syrup!

This Canadian import is perfect for controlling sugar crystallization and preventing the formation of pesky ice crystals. Plus, its enhancement of fresh fruit flavour makes it great for jams, preserves, and relishes.

So go ahead and stock up – your sweets will thank you!

BeeHive Corn Syrup Coupons

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BeeHive Prices in Canada

pricing sale

BeeHive Corn Syrup Prices are as follows:

At Walmart Canada

  • BeeHive Golden Corn Syrup 500ml $3.97 ( Regular)
  • BeeHive Golden Corn Syrup 1L $6.97 (Regular)

At Real Canadian Superstore

BeehiveGolden Corn Syrup1 L $7.48 ( Regular)

About BeeHive Products

Beehive Golden Corn Syrup is a versatile ingredient not only as an alternative to pancake syrup but for dishes such as desserts, candy bars and glazes.  It controls sugar crystallization in Candy, such as Caramels and can enhance fruit flavours in Jams.

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