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The History of Biotherm

1952 ~ Jeanine Marissal creates “Biology Thermal” hand creme

1957 ~ launches Hydrothermal Creme

1961 ~ launches their first sunscreen

1964 ~ launches a slimming and firming cream

1968 ~  launches the worlds first breast firming cream

1972 ~ launches the worlds first anti-wrinkle sunscreen

1973 ~  launches a new hydrating face care product

1975 ~ launches the world’s first-ever clinically tested slimming creme

1985 ~ Homme, the worlds first skincare line for men is launched

1987 ~   the worlds first beauty line with three different formulas targeting women aged 30, 40 and 50 years old is launched

1994 ~  opens its very own Biotechnology center. It is located in Tours, France

1997 ~  launches their first fragranced body mist developed to hydrate and revitalize your skin and senses.

1998 ~  launches their award-winning moisturizer “Aquasource,” which claims to contains the equivalent of 5000 litres of thermal water in a single jar

1999 ~  launches “Biotherm White Detox,” their first skin whitening line, specially developed for Asian skin needs.

2001 ~  launches the worlds first anti-ageing serum make out of olive leaf concentrates

2008 ~  launches “Celluli Laser,” the world’s first high precision slimming treatment creme, made with Biofibrine.

2009 ~  launches “Skin Vivo,” the first world’s reversive anti-age skincare that rejuvenates the skin by stimulating new cells’ growth.

2012 ~  celebrates its 60’s anniversary!