Because of the structure of eggshells and the fact that they contain so much calcium, there are plenty of uses for them as health supplements. However, Burnbrae eggshells can also be used for arts and crafts as well.

10 Uses for Burnbrae Egg Shells

1. Add to compost. Burnbae eggshells are full of all kinds of nutrients. When you add them to your compost, they break down and add those nutrients to the rest of the compost.

2. Mix it in with the chicken feed. If you are raising chickens, these are a great source of calcium and can even help them digest some of the food they eat. Just crush them up and mix them in with the feed.

3. Use as pest control in the garden. Ground your eggshells up and sprinkle them in areas that need a little something extra in the way of pest control.

4. Clean hard to reach places. When you need to clean a vase or a jar that has a bottom that is hard to reach, try using eggshells. Break them up and put them in the container. Add soap and water. Swirl around until the container is clean.

5. Start your seeds. When you want to get the nutrients straight from the eggshell to the seed, use your shells as starter cups. Put the soil and the seed directly into the shell and moisten the soil. When you are ready to plant the seed in the ground you can plant the eggshell and all.


6. Nourish plants. If you don’t have a compost bin or you just want to give specific plants but more nourishment, break up your eggshells and mix them into the soil around the plant.

7. Add to coffee. No, you don’t want to drink the eggshells in your coffee, but you can make your coffee taste better with them. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and crushed eggshells in your coffee grounds before you make it. Your coffee will lose the bitter taste. (This is especially great for that cheap coffee that just doesn’t taste good).

8. Make a mosaic. Eggshells make great mosaics. You can even break them up and dye them in different colours to create an entire scene just out of eggshells. When you get done, blend the egg whites and coat the mosaic with it to add a sealed sheen.

9. Give your dogs some calcium. Add some well-crushed Burnbrae eggshells to your dog’s food for added calcium. This is especially great for older dogs.

10. Give yourself a facial. Skip the expensive chemicals and give yourself an eggshell facial. Mix ground eggshells with water. Apply the mixture to your face and allow it to dry before removing it. Your skin will feel firmer and look healthier.


These 10 uses for Burnbrae eggshells are just the tip of the iceberg. There are always more uses for them!