Clearance Sale



The annual Boxing Days sales are in full swing! We usually spend all those gift cards on ourselves and have a great shopping week. And after Boxing day in January, most stores are blowing out inventory, known as Inventory blowout, cleaning out their warehouses and making room for new stock. These next few months are a fantastic opportunity to purchase for others in advance.

Many thrifty consumers have been on to this for years, and it’s not a new concept at all. But it’s always a good reminder to think ahead of presents you will be expecting to purchase ahead of time.

In the past, I’ve also been frugal to purchase discounted toys to put away in my closet for those birthday parties kids get invited too, or new baby presents. It’s handy to have a “present box,” you need to think ahead but not too far ahead.

What to Purchase ahead of time.


wrapping paper

Christmas Theme

All those little things you end up purchasing next December anyhow. Now that your tree is upstart thinking about next year, all of these items will be on blowout sales while stores clean out their inventory for the next few weeks.

  • Christmas Wrapping stuff
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Christmas lights
  • Decorations (outside and in)
  • Discount Chocolate candy(Use a cloth bag and store all your discount chocolate candy in the freezer, and if you use a Christmas cloth bag, you’ll easily remember what’s in the bag.
kids board games


Kid’s birthday parties come up all the time, so it is handy to have a few age-appropriate toys hidden in a box and keep your kids out of it. Great presents that don’t go out of style are the following and are gender-neutral.
  • building blocks
  • puzzles
  • board games
  • Colouring /Art Supplies
Onesies as baby gifts to buy on clearance or boxing day blowouts

Baby Clothing

Finding baby clothing on Clearance at your local Walmart, usually in January – February, is a breeze, and you will find tons of cute baby clothing for a toonie; they will usually be out of season, but pick up a few out of season baby clothing, and hang them in a back of a closet or create a box with both sexes in it. Baby clothing doesn’t go out of fashion, so it is okay if you have a few pieces that last a few years in your present box. A mommy can never have enough onesies for her little one.
General Winter accessories to purchase for the upcoming year

General Present Box

Purchase winter gloves, hats, scarves, slippers during these blowout sales, and save for next year’s Christmas presents or give them out for presents for winter birthdays.


Tip: Stay Organized

Keep track of what you purchase ahead. I suggest sticking to a box or at least one place in your home to store your year-ahead gifts. I’m not sure how many times over the years I have been hunting for a gift that I purchased ahead of time, knowing I should of putting it with the others. So start the year off right and attempt to keep things together.

Why Shop Ahead for the year for Presents

Lots of Money savings going on; the stores need to move their merchandise and get ready for the spring and summer merchandise, there’s only so much floor space, so it’s time to blow out the deals.  So it is a wonderful time to save a few dollars by shopping now.

Write a List

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Kids birthday parties
  • Significant Adult birthdays ( 40, 50, 60)
  • Office presents
  • Babies that will be born
  • House Warming, kids leaving for college

Christmas Traditions

  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Gift Exchanges

If you always purchase your family’s new PJ’s for Christmas, you might find a deal on new flannel pj’s for next year at a considerable discount such as 50% off. If you are all into everyone having the same colour, you might not be lucky.

Another popular Tradition is purchasing Christmas ornaments for everyone; this will also be the season you could save for next year.

I always think “Practical” when it comes to purchasing ahead like this, but it’s how I roll, and I always find it to be frustrating when someone goes and purchases the gift I bought even a few months in advance, let alone a year in advance.

Adjust Budget

Stay on Budget

Don’t do a whole year’s worth of shopping in one day if you can’t afford to. If it means only a few ideas or gifts are now off the list, that’s great, don’t beat yourself up. This is a savings game, and there will always be another sale; this is what people sometimes forget.   Summer and spring clearance sales will happen again in August, and I’m sure there’ll be more companies going out of business, where you will be able to catch another clearance sale.

Remember to Price Match if it’s a flyer deal and maybe earn yourself some loyalty points.

 Think Ahead & Save 

For many people reading this article, I’m sure the notion of buying more stuff after the significant expenditure of Christmas, but that’s why I say to stay within budget, and you can use this theory all year long, not just at Boxing sales or a January blow out.

It’s time and effort and a bit of planning, but it can help your bottom line in the long run.