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Carefree Pantyliners

New Acti-Fresh Pantyliners are the hottest thing from Carefree right now. These are so light and comfortable that y0u might forget you are even wearing them. Even though they are light they still work great to give you the needed protection. One reason why it is so comfortable is the fact that it is soft and feels almost like panties on your skin. Still as absorbent as ever.

Carefree Plus – These offer you better protection than many of the other feminine products on the market today. It is wider and longer, and more absorbent, giving you the ultimate amount of protection when you need it most. Carefree Plus will give you up to 1 hour of odour control as well as faster absorption.  Comes in Large, Long, and Light Bladder Weakness.

A little history

The very first pantyliner was introduced back in 1970 in Europe. The woman could not believe how great these products worked. They couldn’t believe how much freedom they received when they used it. It’s easy to see why this idea caught on so quickly and was welcomed by women all over the world.