Cashiers Can Make Couponing Awesome or Nightmare

Cashiers & Using Coupons

So you have items in your cart, and a handful of coupons of coupons in hand, and your now ready for checkout!

Do you choose the older lady with white hair, a middle-aged lady or the young girl? or do you make your choice by whom ever has the shortest line?

Sometimes the choice of cashiers, can make your couponing much easier, or in some cases much harder.

Cheetah told me to always pick the girl that looks chatty and a younger one preferably, because they don’t over analyse the products and coupons.

I have to say she is Right!

At Shoppers Drug Mart, there was only 1 cashier, and she was older in her late 50’s and 60’s. And she didn’t look happy with all the extra work I just gave her. She didn’t question anything, but she did look at everything very closely, to make sure I was correct. The feeling I got wasn’t the best, but that has not scared me away from couponing.

So I ended up at Walmart the next time around. And I chose a late twenty year old cashier, She was chatty, and said she loves to see people using coupons, and about the show Extreme Couponing, and she chatted away while doing all the transactions. She was fabulous. I noted her name tag : Jamie. So if I am back at Walmart with coupons, and she is working, I’ll be going back to her line, and I won’t care about the wait.

I again went back to Shoppers Drug Mart another time, and was happy to see a young girl working, she was maybe 19 or 20 years old. She simply just did her job, and rang them all in. No dirty looks, no huffs, no puffs, No overlooking the coupons and items. Just Simple, the way I like it.

So I have to completely agree with Cheetah – Younger Cashiers are Easier to deal with.

So If you have been having problems with dealing with cashiers, Perhaps try a younger cashier at your favorite stores.

Whats been your perception?



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  1. I’m in my late 50’s but was a cashier in my late 30’s to early 50’s. I loved using coupons and taking coupons from customers. If I knew of a coupon for an item they were buying I would tell them about it and send them to where it was in the store, or I would just run and get it for them myself. And I have used coupons in other stores with all age groups and never found a particular age group easier than any other. Some cashiers really scrutinize the coupons because the fine expiry date is so tiny, or certain items are excluded in the fine print. And if they accept these coupons in error then they are reprimanded for it by their employer. Some cashiers care about their jobs and some don’t so much. This is why some just chat away and not really focus on these important details.

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