Cashmere Contest: WIN a $1,500 Gift Card or 1 Year Supply of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue

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Cashmere Contest For Canada 2019.

Cashmere “Vote Couture for the Cure” Contest.

Enter to WIN a $1,500 Gift Card or 1 Year Supply of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue.

Grand Prize: There will be one (1) Grand Prize available to be won consisting of a $1,500.00 CAD Shopping Mall gift card.

Secondary Prize: There will be one (1) Secondary Prize available to be won consisting of a year’s supply of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue awarded as thirty (30) packages of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue Double Roll 12’s (a total of 360 double rolls) with an approximate retail value of $330.00 CAD.

To enter this contest, simply go to the Facebook page via the link below, vote for your favourite, and submit your entry.

Good Luck!


  • Daily entry
  • Open to Canada
  • Age 18+
  • Valid Facebook account

Enter to WIN this Giveaway Here (via Facebook)

This Cashmere Contest ends October 26, 2019.


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Did you know?

That the name Cashmere was actually chosen by consumers? Canadian women were surveyed and asked to provide one word that comes to mind when they think of softness. Almost all women mention the word “cashmere” in their answers and hence the name was born.

Back in 1977, Cashmere was known as Cottonelle

Cashmere Pink

Look for specially marked packages of Cashmere pink. For every pack of these “pink”, you purchase 25 cents will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Available for a limited time only.

Other products

Some other products you will find that carry the Cashmere brand include;

  • fresh wipes
  • dinner napkins
  • environcare toilet tissue
  • other varieties of toilet tissue, etc

White Cashmere Collection

Really? All this work to create these beautiful pieces of apparel. Who would’ve thought something so beautiful could be made from toilet paper.


photo and information on the White Cashmere Collection can be found here. 


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  1. Please contact the company directly. We are not the sponsor of this promotion, we only share things we find online with our fans.

  2. I haven’t entered the contest personally – but perhaps contact them – or try with dashes or without – sometimes entry forms are fussy.

  3. I am trying to put a code in for the contest. Sys it is not valid. That’s what is on the package. Why does it not work? Is this a scam to get my email.


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