Claritin Coupons For Canada (New Printable) Save $3.00

Claritin Coupons For Canada (New Printable) Save $3.00

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New Claritin Coupon

  • Save $3.00 off any Claritin Product of 15 tablets or more.

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Latest news from Claritin

Bayer just purchased the Claritin Brand among other leading brands on the market. This will hugely increase their companies value. By buying-out the competition, you can almost ensure a major sales jump in your products.

Merck & Co, the owners of Claritin are said to have sold this brand as well as the nasal decongestant Afrin for 14.2 billion!!

Claritin Kids

If your child suffers from Hay Fever or other seasonal allergies than Claritin now as a product just for them.

Get relief from runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, etc with Claritin Kids.

What makes this product great is the fact that it is non-drowsy. It will not make your kids sleepy at school or cause excitability like some of the other allergy relief products that are on the market today.

It lasts for 24 hours. This longer lasting ability makes it easier on your and your child. No worries about having to give a dose every 4-6 hours anymore. If you have a child that hates taking medication, this would be perfect.

Lactose Free for those of you that may have an issue with Lactose intolerance.

Dye and alcohol free but still tastes great.

Available Products

Claritin Canada as a ton of products out there that can help you fight allergies this season. Fast and effective relief from indoor as well as outdoor allergies. The fact that they are non-drowsy and non-habit forming is great as well. Gives you the peace of mind and the ability to carry on with your day. Do not let allergies get you down.


These pesky things can come when you least expect it. Allergies can arise from grass, trees, ragweeds, dust mites, you name it. When they do hit, trust Claritin to get rid of the symptoms.


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