Rhinaris Canada Savings

Discover Rhinaris Canada the next time you suffer from your nasal passages! Rhinaris has several products to help you breathe pause, whether you suffer from a sinus cold or perhaps allergy season that has you stuffy!

Now you can save with printed Rhinaris Coupons.  Start Saving with your products.

Rhinaris Coupon

There are currently two coupons you can print out on a single page with a total of $10.00

  • Save $3.00 on your next purchase of any Rhinaris product.

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The coupon Expiry Date is June 30, 2023


Rhinaris Canada Pricing

Swiffer Product Pricing

The following are some of the prices we have found currently in August of 2020, so you have a better idea of pricing when it comes to Rhinaris and your Price Book.

  • Walmart Canada: Rhinaris Nasal Mist $6.67  – Use the $3.00 off coupon and get it for just $3.67
  • Walmart Canada : Rhinaris Nozoil Nasal Spray 10ml $16.99 ( Regular Price)

Where to Purchase Rhinaris Products

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Rhinaris Nozoil

Rhinaris Nozoil helps dry, irritated noses by reducing the buildup of dried and crusty mucus created in the nostrils. It has a source of Seasame oil as its prime ingredient.

Rhinaris Nasal Mist

Nasal Mist Metered-dose Spray.  The mist is designed to help moisturize the dry nasal passages caused by places with low humidity, such as homes, offices, and airplanes. The nasal mist has a metered pump and can provide 300 doses.  It can be found for $8.99 at your local Pharmacy, such as London Drugs.

Rhinaris Nasal Gel

Apply a small amount of gel into each nostril every four (4) hours or as needed to help keep your nostrils lubricated when required.