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Polident Coupons




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Polident Canada Savings!

Polident and Poligrip have been a big brand in Canada when it comes to dentures! Everything from Poligrip to help those dentures stay tight to the gums, to overnight Cleaner to keep those dentures clean and fresh! Start Saving with Polident Canada with printable coupons, we will show you how and where to save!

Polident Coupons

There are a few coupons available to Print with the Polident Brand with the size limitations:

(Polident 84s, Polident 96s, Polident 125ml, Poligrip 70g. )


  • Save $5.00 when you purchase two Polident products
  • Save $2.00 off when you purchase any Polident product.

Available in Print Format Only

Click Here to Print

Expiry Date is one month from the day of Printing

Coupons Available while quantities last.




How to Save With Polident!

Swiffer Product Pricing

Now that you have the coupons for dentures cleaning products, Let’s take a look at pricing, so when you spot this product on sale in the flyers, you can then judge the sale and attempt to maximize your savings.

Walmart Canada –

  • Polident Daily Cleaners 96 tablets Regular Price $6.97
  • Poligrip Strong Hold Denture Adhesive Cream Regular Price  40g $4.97
  • Poligrip Strong Hold Denture Adhesive Cream 70g $6.97 

Usually, the Real Canadian Superstore is also very competitive with Walmart’s regular pricing.

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Polident on retainers

Polident Retainer

Polident has a Cleaner for Retainers! It’s formulated for a Daily cleaner for killing bacteria and is #1 Recommended Cleaner from the professionals. It claims to have a 4 in 1 Cleaning formula. Packages of 32 tablets can be purchased at London Drugs for $6.97 if you live in Western Canada.

If you don’t want to purchase Special cleaner for Retainer use, you can use the normal Polident denture cleaner, and simply follow the instructions for dentures on it. Simply soak your retainer in the cleanser, for the duration of time, and rinse when complete.


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Polident Coupons


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