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    Renew Denture Cleaner

    You can purchase this product online, but it is not available in stores. Many people order this product via the website

    Here are just some of the things that this denture cleaner will remove for you;

    • Tobacco
    • Plaque
    • Iron
    • Coffee and Tea
    • Calcium
    • Tartar
    • Bacteria
    • Calculus

    If you want sparkling white dentures that look good as new, why not give Renew a try.

    Renew Brand

    This company has been around for over 20 years now.  It has several products and has been able to stand the test of time.

    If you would like more information on this company or brand of products, be sure to check them out online.


    Ask your Canadian Dentist about Renew Denture Cleaner!

    I was updating this post and can’t find Renew online for less than $50.00 a bottle, which is not worth it; try asking your local dentist, as they may be selling this product.  Both Walmart and Amazon are selling this product via 3rd parties at high prices.  Please keep in mind Polident is less than $10.00, and you can also save with a polident coupon!